UI request re wasted space in address/extensions line

I use plenty of extensions and find that I can’t read usefully the address a page is on. This is because there is unused space before and after the address box:
the gray, empty space above the two black bars I’ve added. Chrome doesn’t waste this space.

It’s often important to see the actual address.

I can see more if I make the browser window really wide, but this shouldn’t be necessary. In the example shown, the browser window was 1252 pixels - not unusually small.


(PC running Windows 7)

There’s “Wide URL bar” in Brave’s Settings, @roygrubb.

Oh, thank you so much. Complete fix.

Not clear why the space is wasted, and why the setting is not on by default anyway, as a view of the URL can be important.

I only switched to Brave recently, and shall obviously have to explore the settings.

Yes, why is the default not to expand it? What’s the idea behind it? Was that just a chromium thing you didn’t bother to change and yet you added a setting for it (or is that setting also a chromium thing)?

I’d love to know for curiosity’s sake. It’s a really weird thing to do…

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