No support for Win 8.1?

After updating Brave, the following message is displayed in the settings:
“You need Windows 10 or later to receive Brave updates in the future. Windows 8.1 is installed on this computer.”

I have the Polish version, so it’s a translated text.

Brave is no longer supported on Win 8.1?

Wersja 1.46.133 Chromium: 108.0.5359.71 (Oficjalna wersja) (64-bitowa)

Correct. No web browser will be supported anymore. Windows 7 and Windows 8 both dead. Not even supported by Microsoft anymore. I’ll link post below where someone shared links of how all browsers are stopping support.

Pity. On my two computers, this system will run longer.

Brave was a very good browser for me. I have to look for something else (not on chrome).

@mobydick_2015 To specify, it will still likely work but you won’t be able to get support for it. Also, no more automatic updates. You may still be able to manually update, but no guarantees it will work as intended.

Also, as I linked to you all old browsers and many programs will stop support. Even Microsoft will no longer offer you any security updates or anything. Your old computer with old system will lose protection from a lot.

You should try to upgrade to Windows 10 or Windows 11. I’m shocked you did not yet do it, as they had been offering free upgrade for so long.

Changing the system is out of the question. Of course, I knew about the upcoming lack of support for Windows 8.1. The decision to continue using it is a conscious decision.

I was surprised that support for Brave ended :).

For now, I will only change the browser (it seems that Palemoon stays in the ring). It’s not as comfortable as Brave (I’ve tried it before), but still being developed for older operating systems. It has to be enough for me.

Thank you for your advice.


To get future Brave updates, you’ll need Windows 10 or later.

Most likely all these main browser corporations were paid by Microsoft for that movement, so people will be forced to shift to newests OS.
It is not a rocket science, but all about market and profits.

These browsers were sold to evil guys long time ago.
Completely ignored community and their claims proves it too. Developers lost their passion, Firefox, Brave, they ain’t free.


Absolutely, its not hard for Microsoft to maintain support for Lightweight Win 7 and 8.1, considering the fact they have over 230k+ employees now, they just want to increase the user count on win 11, exaggerate it to make profits from ads and subscription rather than finding ways to preserve older windows OS versions and flex about their OS design varieties and skills, shame indeed.

Because of Microsoft, Intel and Nvidia also stopped caring about it… Even for Games, there are now smart tvs where these TVs will come with Built in Game streaming to just play any AAA games from the power of cloud… so Nvidia closing support not making much impact… however browser is the most important software of all third parties softwares in the computer and its sad to see it die like this and brave is nodding their head to whatever google does and not willing to change this scenario… Not Good

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I’m on a PC that can’t run Win 10 & 11 plus I wouldn’t want to given the direction that Microsoft’s taking their OS’es. I wonder if I can still run Firefox on this thing and use the extensions I do have as I don’t know if they’ll cut those too?

Palemoon runs YouTube like garbage as they don’t have the WebComponents in it to work properly without seizing the whole browser up and that’s why I installed Brave but now, I have no clue if I should go back or try Firefox again.

Firefox is ending support as well. Many are hoping they extend it, but no official notice either way. Nothing but speculation. Overall though, almost all web browsers will have to stop support.

This is a giant mess. I only use Palemoon as a backup if something isn’t work which is rare now but it’s still well maintained. I love this browser and so does my family as it’s never given them any problems. I’m going to keep using the browser as I have no plans to change to anything else and my security is really good so no worries of hacking or viruses as we don’t engage in behaviors that would warrant that happening.

I know, I once tried to use Palemoon. It causes problems with some pages that I often visit. And it works slowly when many cards and windows are open.

But unfortunately there is no alternatives. For these problematic pages I used a TOR browser. It is not as comfortable as Brave, but it works.

I can’t do anything more. It must stay that way. I have to handle it somehow.

Monopoly is not good.

An alternative would be to switch to Linux, but for some reasons I have to have Windows. And like you, my computers are too old for new Windows, but they are still great for what I need them for.

And that’s the strangest part here. Why so? Even in WinXP browsers still work just fine as long as you’re able to update certificates. There’s literally no reasons for it not to unless some shady artificial limitation takes place (yes, Nvidia, I’m looking at you).

I’m using Brave on a Win8.1 table since it works well with RAM limitations - that’s the only browser that can work with 5 windows 20+ tabs each alongside an IDE on 4 GB of RAM w/o any problems. There are no other options really.

For now, I started using SRWare Iron. Very fast and light (even compared to Brave) browser.

Unfortunately, also on Chromium, so it is not known whether they will not give up older versions of Windows. For now, such announcements are not visible in the forum. We’ll see.

Palemoon is very, VERY difficult to like. The browser is very sluggish. I feel as if I was going back in time.

In things like this, it’s going beyond my realm of knowledge. I don’t pretend to know much or be an expert. I just help and provide feedback on what I do know through observation and personal experience. For what it’s worth, my automatic thought here is that without security updates, you can’t update certificates. Also, nobody said Brave would stop working. It just says you won’t be able to update.

As I shared elsewhere, I believe I’ve seen before that it’s just that auto update will be disabled and there won’t be any guarantees for any older OS, such as Windows 7 and Windows 8, as they won’t be tested. If I’m right about that, then the browser will continue to work. However, if you need to seek assistance for issues while using the browser on an unsupported OS, then they won’t be able to help you.

That said, since I’m just a normal User and not anything close to being a developer or expert within the tech realm, I’m waiting for better answers from people like @sampson and @clifton if they end up providing details. Also, if no info from there, I’ll hope maybe can get more information on Tuesday’s Community Call. For now, I’d say let’s all be patient though. There’s still at least a month before we worry about the support ending. And in terms of the notification constantly appearing, will see what solutions they can at least offer for that.

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I have several PC’s running on both Windows 7 and Windows 10. I’ll be migrating to a different browser on all systems, regardless. The People deserve better. The People deserve a browser that doesn’t impose artificial limitations and emulate Big Tech. In my experience Win 7 is still the superior, more efficient, more user-friendly, FAR less bloated OS to this day, except for a few ho-hum features like DX12.

If you want my part of the market share, do better.

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Ah, I see now, thanks. Those are the things that don’t bother me. In fact until this year I’ve been using The World Browser which is like what, 48 engine or so? You get the Idea I think. It was lightweight, only Maxthon Nitro was lughter, but it was also older (35) and with less features (literally 2 settings: make default and choose homepage). And World had proper gesture support - just like Maxthon 5, those 2 (well, 3 - Nitro as well) are the only ones to work. Because Chromium starting from a specific version separates mouse gestures and touch gestures. And nobody implements touch gestures, so tap and hold on Win (right click) and drag to draw a gesture doesn’t work anywhere now. Except for UC where they’ve made dumb 2- and 3-finger gestures. Like the hell is this, I’m holding a tablet in two hands and operate it with thumbs, where the hell am I supposed to get a 3rd finger for those gestures?
Sorry, I think I went too much off-topic. But the point is Maxthon 6 I’m using on a desktop (just objectively more features vs Brave’s built-in TOR) keeps auto-updating no matter what. And all the story with disabling it here most likely is tied to manifest V3. IMO ofc.

will brave rewards stop working on windows 8.1 and under ??

im also expecting someone to reply about how shields will continue to perform after the end of support… will the blocking functions be broken after few months from now ?

@Shassk @scavxo @abertdune and everyone else.

I just asked at the end of the Community Call about this. Here’s their two main things (paraphrased, not literal quotes)

Question: With the end of life for Windows 7 and 8, will that end the capability to get even manual updates or is it just marking the end of official testing and implementation, where there’s no guarantee it will still work?

Answer: Good question, we’re not sure. It will be best to tag Clifton in on that to have the specifics. We’ll try to loop him and the team in to know specifically how that is going to work.

Question: Many have been expressing their annoyance about the “To get future Brave updates, you’ll need Windows 10 or later.” message. Would it be possible to implement a way for people to dismiss it so it doesn’t keep showing every time they open the browser?

Answer: It’s something we’ll look at doing, perhaps adding a flag or something. We’ll have to check with our Security team and others, as we know they definitely want to make sure people are aware that there will be security vulnerabilities if they don’t upgrade. But perhaps by adding a flag or other option, it can be deemed that the person is aware of it and accepted risk. Let us talk to teams and see what we can do.