Claimed July rewards. Still nothing in my Verified Uphold Account

I claimed my July rewards on Brave. It is now the 14 July 2021 and brave is saying that all payouts are complete.

Still showing 0.00 in my uphold account but showing a balance in my uphold account on brave.

What is going on?

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That happens if you have exceeded the “4-Device Limit” set my Brave… i.e., you can connect a single Uphold Account to only 4 Devices…

ı claimed like u and ı didnt reach 4devices

How do I reset the device limit as I am only using brave on one pc

You can’t reset the device limit, unfortunately. How many Brave profiles/devices (total) have you linked to your Uphold wallet? This includes reinstalling Brave or your OS, resetting or replacing your device, etc.

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Im losing my patience with this mess.

Didn’t get payout for 4 months… got less than 11 cents worth after 4 months.

Why are they making a search engine when they cant even do captcha or finish the features they already have?

I have reinstalled brave several times as I have been jumping between linux and windows. Thanks for the reply. I will turn off the brave rewards .

You can still donate it to your Favorite YouTubers… Better to donate then to let it go to waste!

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I think they will make your transactions on the next payment date as they make it once in a month, just check which one is your next payment date from the system please.

No, @simekwint is going through a completely different problem, i.e., the 4-Device Limit problem… It can’t be fixed currently. Wait for Gemini to get introduced. Estimated to be introduced in the upcoming month.


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