Brave Rewards Missing plus some weird thing with my pc

I didn’t received any rewards in my wallet since may deposit. From my 3 pc same things.

Also, in my uphold , i got 21.08 BAT but one of my pc browser is showing me 43.08. another one is showing 25.58 BAT and the last one is showing me 22.58.

how to get the missing BAT to my wallet ?



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Did you noticed that each and every device you are using need to be set up from a default settings?

I think you have exceeded the “4-Device Limit”. Even if you had Brave in an old device and you don’t have that device anymore, it still counts as 1 device. [It also counts as 2 devices if you have deleted and reinstalled Brave/Updated your OS].

There is no fix for this currently, but Gemini is soon to be released so you can withdraw the BATs from the devices where it is not getting sent to your Uphold Account.

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Oh thats surely my problem the new installations plus old devices … I may had 10 devices in my account

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That solves the case.

When Gemini is introduced, it too will have 4-Device Limit. So only connect into main devices.

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Thanks for the great help !

Have a nice friday !!!


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It helps me a lot as well :slight_smile: Thanks

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