I do not receive the brave rewards

Hello, does anyone know why I have not been able to claim the brave rewards for a long time ???, my account is in order and verified

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If you have a verified Uphold wallet, you won’t get a claim button. The rewards should go into your Uphold wallet automatically. I see that you received 1.250 BAT in this month’s payout.

the last payment was in June. My account is verified but I do not receive payments automatically or manually, I get a message with the following message “Device limit reached | Your wallet could not be verified because you have reached the maximum limit of verified devices.” but my account appears verified and connected.

Uphold limits you to four devices/profiles per lifetime. Even if you unlink a device from your Uphold account, you don’t regain that allotment. Only your first four devices will ever be able to contribute to your Uphold wallet. Brave has no control over it as these are limitations set by Uphold, but Brave is in the process of adding more wallet options (Gemini should be coming soon).

If you are getting that message, your wallet is NOT verified for that device, and you need to unlink it. You will have to collect BAT in the Brave wallet for that device and wait until the Gemini wallets are available. That device will never be able to transfer BAT to your Uphold account.

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same here, i have latest version and uphold wallet has been verified. and don’t know how to contact support. could someone please maybe give me some pointers? thanks!

the same here, I have the latest version of the browser and my uphold wallet is linked and verified, in the browser it appears that I received the BATS but there is no deposit in my uphold account

It seems to take several days after Brave pays out before the Uphold wallets are updated.
And I believe that Uphold takes a transaction fee from the deposit. That being said, I’m suspecting that there’s a disconnect between Brave and Uphold for many people (not including people who have too many wallets linked). The wallets appear to be linked and verified, but somewhere there is a blockage in the “pipeline” between the two. I know that there are a number of wallet-related issues that the devs are working on.

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