Claimed BAT not showing in Uphold wallet

I’m also having problems with my claimed BAT not showing in my Uphold wallet. My Brave browser states that I have 50+ BAT that I have claimed, my Uphold wallet is verified, and yet when I log into my account on Uphold it shows no BAT in my wallet. What do?

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Hi I think your problem is related to this.
Los pagos no se depositan en su cuenta Uphold

hopefully soon a solution greetings.

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Thanks for the info, friend. I didn’t reauthorize my wallet after August 4th, but I suppose it’s possible that I am affected by that bug nevertheless. :confused: Hope the fix happens soon.

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Hi @TheDuke - thanks for your patience. A fix is almost out.


Ie will there be no patches?
And bat numbers will be lost?

Hey I created and verified my uphold account on 16/08 and have the same issue my 221 bat are on the browser but uphold account is showing 0.0000

Same issue… The browser is up to date.

A lot of us are having this issue.
They are working hard to fix it.

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