Claim Rewards resulted in error message and reward disappearing

Today 6th June 2020 the Claim Rewards message appeared. I had some 20-30 BAT accumulated. The Robot check came up and I had to drag the BAT logo onto the instructed shape. Upon doing this I get the error message ‘Something went wrong Please try again later’. Which I did. Resulting in the same error message.

When I went to try this for a third time my accumulated amount for the past month has disappeared and the acquired amount for next month 3.3 currently is the only amount showing.
So there is no Claim for last month and it has not been added to my wallet balance.

Version 1.9.76 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Windows 7

Can anyone help resolve this issue?

This seems to happening to a lot of people, I’m writing a review of the Brave Platform for an online blockchain magazine, I’ll be sure to include these user issues.

Good. The support isn’t good enough. The communication isn’t good enough. Enforcing KYC isn’t good enough. And it’s starting to look like the product isn’t good enough. I will have no problems ditching Brave if this state of affairs continues. I’m utterly sick of broken crypto projects to be honest.

If a normal browser doesn’t work it’s not really a problem. But when money is involved thoughts of hacking, robbing by company employees and general criminal activity all come to mind which is why Brave needs to be considerably more pro-active to issues than it appears to be. The KYC just adds yet another level of worry as now your personal ID information is also at risk. I’m completely against KYC being enforced. It goes against the spirit of freedom many adopted crypto for in the first place and serves only potential criminals.

I’ve just opened brave and got a message about turning on brave tipping which I declined and closed. My brave rewards gadget then disappeared and had been toggled off. I thought I’d lost my balance again but upon toggling on the current 9.2 still shows as a pending for july 6th.

Still no answer or contact regarding the missing June amount.

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