Claim button doesn't appear for a few month now

These are not my wallet IDs, bro :))
These are case numbers according to the logs)

Sorry, It seems similar to the wallet ID to me. So I thought it was.

By the way, send your logs to support too.
How to do this is written in this topic: What is going on with Brave Rewards? - #3 by steeven

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Claim doesn’t appear for this month. Last month there were problems with payout also, I got only 0.99 Bat. But this month payments doesn’t show the claim button after the notice that say your reward is on the way disappeared.

Does any of you guy be able to claim the reward this month? I am still not be able to claim the reward. the message to check out the status is still there, but I think in a couple days it’s gonna disappear again. This is a known issue.

“The issues now be resolved!” .That’s what they claimed. we just wait and see wether it’s real or not.

OK this is a new one

This is my browser in july

This one in August ( Today)

And these are the promotions log!

It’s shown that I have claim the reward on 03/08/22 which i did not.

and on 01/08/22 ,09/08/22 and also 02/08/22

And I was like, what?

Can you please send me a DM with your wallet payment ID so I can take a closer look?

Thank you

Yeah finally! the claim button appeared. :smile:

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Excellent, glad to hear it.


Yesterday (August 11) I also finally got a claim button, both on Windows 10 and Android 7.
Moreover, not only those BATs that I earned in July were counted, but also BATs for April, May and June (that is, for those months when the claim button did not appear and BAT disappeared).

Thanks to the Brave forum and support! :+1:

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congratulations, I hope that the claim button will appear on my Android 7.

Hi, sergiy23!
As a result, you will unsubscribe in this topic, will you have a claim button for Android 7 in August (for July), or not?
If not, then we’ll keep digging :slightly_smiling_face:
I and Odyyume have a claim button!

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No, I won’t refuse although there is no button, but I like brave.

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@sergiy23 Were you able to claim in your PC device?

Sorry, I didn’t really understand the question (I use a translator), but I use an Android tablet all the time and in the chat I communicate using an iPhone more convenient for me

@sergiy23 I meant, could you claim any reward? Or was it all your device still didn’t show the claim button?

There has been no button since March. I live in Ukraine and now I can’t withdraw bat, but it would be nice to collect it for the future. :+1:

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Hi, sergiy23
I wrote you an instruction in Russian in DM what you need to do and write to support so that you have a BAT claim button. Read and unsubscribe, please, - will it help ?!

If the claim button still appears, but the payout amount is less than expected, then you are in this topic:

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