Changing reward wallet from uphold to gemini

Hi all,

Variations of this question have been asked in the forum but I haven’t found an answer. I recently set up the content creator setting and opted for Gemini over Uphold. I am now seeing that the default wallet to collect rewards in for ads is Uphold, and with their withdrawal fees I have heard about, it seems kinda pointless to collect 25 BAT over a couple of months just to get most of it taken away when I try to withdraw anyway.

I am wondering if there are any plans to integrate more wallets (or even Gemini) into the wallet in which the Brave Rewards go. I wish I had seen that you only allowed the rewards to collect in Uphold before I went through the trouble of making a wallet with Gemini.

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Gemini support for Brave Rewards is coming in Q2, which means the next couple of months. According to statements from Brave employees on reddit there will be no 25 BAT limit.


Dope! Thank you for this!

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