Add email tracker blocking

Brave is held as “The best privacy online” browser, and i think email trackers are both very, very common, and something that not a lot of people know about, so I see it as a perfect opportunity to get ahead of other browsers that will likely work on implementing this in the future, and to just help people. extensions like Ugly email do this, adding an icon to emails with tracking pixels and blocking the pixels. If you dont know what tracking pixels are here is an explanation on them. It honestly shocked me how many emails use them. i would say about 1/4 of all the emails i get have one.

up for this feature.

Currently privacy oriented email providers like Protonmail, Tutoanoto, Disroot, Startmail already have this feature. There is a settings when enabled block tracking pixels, fonts and some other stuff. (see no tracking allowed section).

Still, I think it is a good feature and should be made available to brave browser users. But, I do not know if an external party like the extension you mentioned should be messing around with emails.