Brave coordination with default apps

I just started using Brave and have a few questions about how I can coordinate the browser with my default apps, because when I click on links that I expect to direct to an external app, it doesn’t happen.

With PDF files, is there a way that I can get an option to download the file rather than having it open automatically in brave? and when clicking on a downloaded PDF file from Brave, is there a way I can get it to open with my default PDF app rather than inside the brave browser?

The other issue I’ve run into is with torrent and magnet links. When I click on a torrent link, I get taken to a blank page; if a magnet link, it tries to download within the brave browser. Is there a way I can get Brave to open torrent and magnet links in my default app?

Thanks for your help!

For PDF files, go to brave://settings/content/pdfDocuments and select the Download PDFs option:

For torrent links, you can disable the built in torrent platform (webtorrent) in the browser by going to brave://settings/extensions and disable the WebTorrent extension:

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