Downloading torrent files using Brave for iOS

Torrent files download incorrectly when using Brave iOS.

  1. Go to torrent website.
  2. Download a torrent file using Brave iOS.
  3. Go to Downloads in Brave.
  4. Tap on downloaded torrent file.
  5. Save to Dropbox or other cloud service.
  6. Try to open to torrent file with computer - torrent file doesn’t work.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 using Chrome or some other iOS browser.
  8. Torrent downloaded using Chrome has downloaded without a problem and opens normally in torrent client. Torrent downloaded using Brave has error.
  9. Use text editing software to open torrent file and compare the torrent downloaded using Brave and the one downloaded using Chrome. Clearly the contents of the torrent file are different.

Screenshot of torrent downloaded with Brave after it is opened with text editor:

Screenshot of torrent downloaded with Chrome after it is opened with text editor:

Brave version 1.14.3

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