Can't view eth NFT's in brave wallet?

Hello good people!
I just minted my first NFT’s yesterday and when I was on the webpage where I minted them ( I was able to view them, but once I left the page I was no longer able to view them in my brave wallet - i ended up downloading the rainbow wallet and was able to view all NFT’s, instantly, along with the rest of my crypto balances. Any help is appreciated.

There is no auto discovery of assests, they are working on it.

You need to manually add your NFT data and other crypto coins data in the brave wallet.

You need to add them this way (old issue, but you will get the gist of it from the video)

Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, I’m still not able to see my NFT in my brave wallet. I’ve added the contract address to my wallet, but it is displayed with the same characteristics of my ERC-20 tokens, rather than any acknowledgment that it’s an ERC-1155, and an NFT rather than a currency.
I’ve tried to add it through coingecko and brave’s visible asset tab with no luck:(
Any additional tips/suggestions are greatly appreciated :pray:

Thanks for your help, seems like the UX isn’t quite where it needs to be, at least considering the ample alternative wallets that do this seamlessly. Thanks all

true to some extent espcially regarding visible assets.

If you still wish to try to it, do it this way

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