NFT is hidden in brave wallet but read by other apps

Using Ver 1.51.1 for iOS
Successfully minted NFT via using Brave wallet on ETH Mainet
Blockchain Transactions are as expected, but I just can’t see it in the wallet.

OpenSea App and Uniswap wallets both show the NFT in the wallet but brave NFT section for same wallet is empty.

Saw improvements listed in upcoming release but the App Store still has 1.51.1

Seems like the new Ver should be out soon no?

Hello - Are you able to import it from the “Visible Assets” option, near the bottom of the NFT tab?



Text on screen suggests an “import button below” but there’s no button

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Hey thanks! I got that far, not sure about the text fields, and I can’t save without valid entries. This part’s new to me

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Lots of steps here, hope this gets streamlined.

Token ID is still unknown ATM. Will update if I find it.

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I’m sure it sucks. I can’t find the data either, but I expect the app to magically import it.

Biggest concern is the ability to transfer the token to other wallets. If I can’t see it, I can’t move it.

Here’s the URL if anyone wants to try to find the Token ID with me:

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