Wrong WP Plugin

On your site to add a new channel you are asking to install https://wordpress.org/plugins/well-known-uris/ which I do really not understand. First of all, I never install a plugin which is last updated more than one year ago, second, why don’t you redirect to your own plugin which is Brave Payments Verification; third, why do you force me to use a plugin instead of DNS records?!?

Open source means, I have at least a choice !!

Oh, by the way, it seems that verifying a channel on Wordpress Multisite does not really work.


Thanks for reporting @azorvida.

cc @nvonpentz on this.

Hi @azorvida,

Thank you for reporting this! Your are very right, that is the incorrect plugin. We just released a large update and the Wordpress verification page has regressed and now displays the outdated links. We are updating this now.

Correct plugin:

Please try using this plugin and let me know how it goes, especially if it works with Wordpress Multisite

As far as why you cannot use DNS records for wordpress sites – good question. I will ask the implementers and get back to you.



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