Cant use Brave app due to white screen

iPhone- I added a new app called SideKicks yesterday. I opened a link to watch a Sidekicks video(a link).

When i clicked on the link, Brave opened up to a solid white unusable screen. Now I can’t do anything on Brave. Just a white screen.

I have a lot of important links saved on Brave. What are my options to get rid of the white screen?


Did you try clearing Cache ?

I read some issues similar to this one and it seems that this one is more pertaining from Brave’s side (Atleast thats what I infer). @Jarc-1107 @Kevin_cc @Alice2095 Any help / suggestions ?

Yes. I did clear it. Offset it and still it opens to a white screen.

Umm, lets see. I’ve tagged people from Brave.
It could be a while till someone responds since its still Sunday in the US.

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My Brave had been crashing periodically too. But always had options for that. Now just a screen with no options. Thx for your suggestion. I hope someone knows a answer. is a spam site btw, is the correct site.


Hello there @VeeS please accept my apologies for this inconvenience. Are you trying to watch the video on As the URL posted seems to have a typo on it, please make sure that the URL is entered correctly.

Also you can try access that page using private mode to see if you are able to properly load it.

Let me know if it works.

Hi. Sorry I’ve not been able to get back on here… but Here is the link I clicked on:

Still have the white screen. I Offloaded the app and reinstalled it. Still no change. I may have lost all my links I had saved…

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Hi again @VeeS are you able to open a private window on Brave? If you are able, please try opening the link there to see if you no longer get a blank screen.

I did make a typo! Oops Yes, my default browser Brave opened the link when I clicked on it and turned white. And is still white.

And yes I was able to open the link on Safari with no problem. But I to Need to do something with the white screen. I was hoping not to lose my links saved on Brave be reinstalling it. Are there any oth options to fix this? And thx for your help!

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Many of the typo’d domains are just serving ads and spyware, which we’ll blank out. No legit purposes to show them.

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@VeeS and if you disable shields when opening the page does this load? If it does it may be due to a shields configuration.

You could try changing block trackers and ads to aggressive or to allow tracker and ads, also your cookies options, you can locate them by clicking on the Brave icon next to the URL bar.

Let me know if that works.

Thx Kevin. I cant access anything when I open Brave on my iPhone. I can only see (faintly) my phone time and connection icon.

So it seems compromised to me. I have a laptop. I put Brave on it yesterday. Is it possible to sign in somehow to my iPhone account via my laptop so I can get my old data?


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I have exactly the same problem. Had to find this group on Safari which I hate.

I have total white out for up to around 40 seconds then the app auto closes. I have zero access to anything. I get five menu items (& delete) that come up on the app icon (new tab, new private tab, scan QR code, edit home screen, share app and delete app.). Always same white screen with new tabs. I have two years worth of bookmarks and can’t find my courses or any work - sweating on a fix.

I clicked on bookmarks on this page since it recognised me (iPad) and it tells me I have no bookmarks. Guys - I have hundreds. Please help.

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Hello again, could you please provide the following information?

  1. Brave Version( check About Brave):
  2. Mobile Device details

Make sure that you have the latest Brave version available on the AppStore to see if this solves the issue.

@Kiansh Please accept my apologies for this inconvenience, could please also provide this information in order to further investigate?

Be waiting for your response.

Hi Kevin, thanks for responding. I don’t know where to find ‘about Brave’. I’’m unable to open the app, but it’s the same version I uploaded, I assume it has updated in the background? If I reload the app, will my bookmarks be restored? That’s my biggest concern, I can’t find anything. Brave has crashed many times, this is the first time I get whiteout, it won’t load. I’m on iPad Pro 11.

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