Brave keeps crashing fix this!

I’m surprised that brave didn’t crash when typing this, I experience up to 5 crashes a day! You are probably thinking maybe it is a virus or you have full storage? NO! It is none of these things and the reason I haven’t deleted brave is because it is the best browser that is available on iOS that’s why. So please! Anyone that works for brave and you are reading this, fix the issue thank you!

Thank you for reaching out. Can you please tell me if this crash issue matches the issue you’re seeing on your end?

Hello I am experiencing, trouble with the mobile brave vpn. I have a year subscription. The vpn seems to always disconnect. I have to always reconnect manually through the iPhone or reload it by reinstalling the vpn every time. Is There a quick fix or solution to this. I have already deleted and redownload brave and set up the vpn twice. Still the same issue…

The vpn keeps disconnecting and I am truly tired of it. Thank but won’t continuing my subscription

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