Can't turn off "Recent" files in new "Open Files" dialogue box

Recent versions of Brave have changed the order and priority of files displayed when an “Open File” dialogue box is called.
This new change is counterintuitive and breaks reasonable workflows and expectations.
When the “Open File” box comes when uploading files to a site, now “Recent” files are displayed and highlighted. This makes absolutely no sense, because in almost all common user cases, if you are choosing to upload files, you aren’t choosing the files you’ve already recently chosen in the last upload you made.
In the past, this dialogue defaulted to the user’s home directory and then would default to the last used directory. That behavior is perfect.
Now, when uploading files to (say) eBay auctions, or to Flickr or other image sharing sites, or Instagram, or whatever, the dialog displays a list of the LAST files uploaded. So then you have to mouse over to “Home” and then click, and then click the directory you want, and THEN finally choose the files to upload. This is clearly a really bad design decision and there’s no way to change, customize, or turn it off.

Can this new behavior be reverted?