Brave browser default open document behavior

When I click an Upload link on a web page within the Brave browser, I’m shown a screen of links to the most recent files I’ve uploaded (with no accompanying links to the files’ containing directories).
Besides the fact that this isn’t very useful (why would I normally want to upload the same files again), it’s also inconvenient, as I now need to navigate through my directory menus to the files I want each time - even if I’m uploading multiple files living in related directories.
Is there any way to return Brave to its original behavior where the Upload dialog would open to the most recent directory that I’d used?

Brave version: 1.42.97 Chromium: 104.0.5112.102 (Official Build) (64-bit) (on Ubuntu 22.04)

I’ll encourage to Update your Brave. Yours seems to be ages behind. the one right now is 1.45.118

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Thanks. I’ll look into that. My version is dependent on the Ubuntu Apt repository - which can fall behind.
As an unrelated aside, here on Ubuntu, my alternative is installing Brave using Snap. The downside of Snap is that, for some strange reason, it won’t auto-update versions at all when the browser is open. Instead, I’m given a warning that I have x days to close my browser. But if I were to close the browser, there’s no guarantee that the Snap update (“refresh”) would happen any time in the next hours. The problem with that is that I need my browser. So, instead, I have to shut Brave down and manually update Brave each time and then launch the browser again - which isn’t ideal.

I see. Well, do let us know if an Update solves the issue…

I managed to force Ubuntu/Apt to update Brave to Version 1.45.123, but I’m still getting links to the most recent files I’ve uploaded rather than a default directory or the most recent locations.
Any thoughts?

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