Brave 1.41.100 Blocking file dialogs on Mac

After the last update to Brave, file open dialogs are no longer working on Brave when using WHMCS. This is the CORE of our business and will force us to switch back to Chrome, unfortunately.

Yes we have disabled all extensions, we have disabled Shields for any WHMCS URL, reset brave://flats using the reset button, you name.

To reproduce this, you can use this WHMCS demo URL:

Go into any ticket or create one then try to attach a file. No file upload dialog appears anymore.

Running Mac OS 12.5

Update. Got it working again by restarting Brave. Never had to do that before.

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@webjive Glad your issue was resolved. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you please mark your second post as the solution so that community members and Brave support staff know your issue is solved. It will also help any other community member experiencing this issue and looking for a solution.

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