One-time transfer to move BAT from iOS to Desktop failure

I have followed the procedure to import my rewards from iOS device to desktop using the following page:

I have consistently received the error: “Connection error: The Brave rewards server did not respond. Please try again in a moment. (1)”.

I have tried multiple times over the last few months and had this every time.
Reward internals says I have transferrable balance which should be nearly 2 years worth of rewards I cannot import to desktop.

There was a limited time window to do this. This window closed a long time ago. That is why it does not work now.

okay thanks, do I need to create a brave wallet to earn on ios then? I dont understand why this is still an option in the updated version if its an obsolete function

You can no longer earn rewards on iOS devices. Search the brave website for a statement regarding this some time last year. It is due to Apple’s policies.

ios can no longer earn rewards. apple won’t allow it.

damn thats a shame, thanks for helping me out guys

@Richie44 Yeah, unfortunately the deadline was scheduled for May 2021 BUT I’m not sure if it ever really stopped. You can check out this whole post linked below to see what vibe you get and can always try to DM Mattches just in case.

As to iOS no longer getting rewards, you can read about that at

Thanks mate I’ll drop him a DM, fingers crossed cos ive definitely been trying since before May

Conversation moved to DMs