iOS BAT rewards sync and withdrawal missing

The current iOS version 1.13 allows for new wallet setup but there is no way to restore from a previous wallet or any withdrawal button to move rewards.


Brave Rewards on iOS just landed safely. :sweat_smile: It’s under development and still has a long way to go.

Thanks for your patience.


Hello…I need help here pls
I can’t seem to enable my Rewards

@DannyB That’s not related to the topic of this thread. Please open a separate thread and follow the directions given in the template. Thanks! :smiley:

Still no ways? I need to sell my iPhone so gonna to do a full wipe but before that I need to backup my BAT rewards from my wallet in my mobile brave browser syncing them to the BAT wallet of brave browser in my laptop.
Seems like sync option only syncs bookmarks… if so, then all my BAT rewarded in my mobile will be lost?
Thanks in advance for reply.

Is there any news about this topic ?
I would like to withdraw my BAT from my synchronised iOS :slight_smile:
Event it is not still ok, can we have an update ?
Thanks in advance.

@eljuno, thank you for the comment.
Please keep us updated with any news when the dev team have something new about withdraw BAT from iOS :slight_smile:

Rewards is no longer available for iOS users with the latest release. See

The upcoming update will allow users to transfer their BAT to desktop.