Can't sync desktop and mobile

I am using an acer laptop and rewards have been showing steadily

Mobile on my Samsung note 9 has not changed from all zeros since day one

I was able to sync so can I update mobile app somehow? Any help is appreciated

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It won’t pay out on mobile… Never has

So only using it on desktop matters?

I’ve been using it on two different desktops everyday from week one and a couple of others here and there to test it and it never really syncs.

Anytime there’s an update everything gets reset…

I’m only trying to help really do want to see the projects go. Or one like it

Honestly I use it less the more they add. Frankly I’m not in to bat to get rich. Just help.

For example binance was just added. But I live in the US so that won’t sync either.

There are better projects I’m not going to speculate further. It is a great project with a lot of security features

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