Wallet Syncing Issue Mobile and PC

I have have Brave browser on both my PC and my Android Oreo. I started the Android first from my phone and then later on my computer. I’m using the same email with both browsers, and both wallets are with the same email as well. I have $bat on my phone and owed to me come payout, but it doesn’t show when I visit the wallet on the exchange. So there must be some syncing issues. I’ve tried everything I could think of. My crypto knowledge is, “I’m building my blockchain myself.”
I would like my phone and computer to sync up everything under this email so that its all in the same wallet where I also made an account with this email.

PC Version 0.69.135 Chromium: 77.0.3865.120 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Android 8.1.0; LM-X220 Build/OPM1.171019.026

Metro PCS/T-Mobile LG Aristo 3

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