Can't send my Uniswap tokens to another wallet. says I have insuffecient funds when I have plenty of funds over $800

My Brave Crypto Wallet won’t let me send my Uniswap tokens to any other wallet. It automatically says “insufficient funds” for the gas fees. I have over $800 in the wallet and no matter what amount I try to send it gives me the same message. I can send eth with no problem but not Uniswap. This has completely tied up almost $900 of my money that I can’t do anything with. Please help desperate!!!

It looks to me like you don’t have the sufficient amount of ETH in your wallet. In Ethereum network you need ETH to execute any transactions. I suggest buying around 20-30$ worth of ETH and withdrawing it to your wallet, and then you should be able to execute the transactions. Keep in mind that most of the Exchanges take a high ETH withdrawal fee, so you should try to find a one that does not. There are no any other ways to transfer the UNI.

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