Brave wallet with uniswap cancelled transaction still pending after one week

I placed a swap order via uniswap and it was not accepting the order. I cancelled it and it has been pending ever since. It’a not in etherscan for me to even see but it’s still pending in my wallet and not allowing any new transactions to be made. How do I get the transaction off pending and get rid of the transactions in the queue?

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I have the same problem. Have you managed to work out how to cancel pending transactions queue ? Or where i can find help with that ?

It seems like maybe the gas price was too low. You can try the speed up transaction feature in the Wallet or cancel transaction feature, but both of these do take gas just as a warning.

But thats the trouble i have no funds on that wallet to use as gas and i cant send money into it because the funds go to the other NEW version of brave wallet which has the same public address and seed. So i need both wallets merged or a way to stop the sent funds going into the latest version brave wallet ?

How it works is that the funds don’t go into either wallet, but your funds are accessible from both wallets as long as those wallets are setup the same with the same seed phrase.

They are the set up same but the nee updated wallet forced me to create a nee password and it would not accept the same one as it needed a number in it. Other than that they are the same. So I’m stuck. I’m sending ETH so they do not need me to create or add a new token for them as it’s the default right ?

The password is unrelated to the seed phrase that is used for your funds. The password is only to unlock access on the computer to your seed phrase and keys.

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