Cant search through search bar

I have been typing queries directly in the search bar and it has worked in the past. Recently when I type a query and press enter, nothing happens, I am able to type a URL and press enter and it works fine, but when it is not a url, such as “free plugin search taxonomies wordpress” and then press enter, nothing happens. Not sure if I might’ve changed the settings somehow, but any advice is much appreciated!

Thank you for reaching out.
To confirm, are you using Brave Search as your default search engine, or some other engine? If so can you tell me which one and also, when you search, do you see the icon of the engine you’re using in the address bar as well?

Hi @Mattches. I have the same situation as @ananomyx when I try to use the search bar for text: Nothing, Nada… Brave search is my default search engine on Microsoft Edge in macOS Big Sur (Intel)

And if you set your default search engine to something other than Brave search, you’re able to type queries into the address bar directly and search them?