Cant open crypto wallets in brave

Hello my wallet is locked and i have forgoten the password and also 24 work secret code so can anyone help me with this i want to connect my other wallets to it so please help me thanks!.. @Mattches @steeven

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Hola Debes escribirle a soporte de Uphold cual es tu problemática. y si no debes crear otra guardar bien sus clave.

But how to create new account and if i create neww account will i lose my 2.6 bats which i have right now?

If you are talking about your crypto wallet account you setup in brave://wallet – there is no way to access your account without your password and/or your recovery phrase. This is why we warn you to write them down or save them somewhere safe.

ok so will i lose my all bats?

Did you have your BAT stored in a separate Crypto wallet (as opposed to the built in browser wallet)?

they are stored in uphold wallet which i have access to but i want to add other sites like uphold and transfer directly to them.

sites which are available in my country like wazirx and zebpay.

Then you will need to make that transaction from within your Uphold account.

oh ok thanks i have done it before but i thought that can be done directly but it cant be thanks!..

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