Unable to login into Medium

I am unable to sign in to the medium site. I tried turning off the shield as well. Nothing worked. It works fine on other browsers. Any idea how to solve this issue?

I remember a similar question posted by a user in which the answer is locked.

link: Can't login to Medium.com Wsj.com

Clear cache and cookies related to medium and wsj.
If it still does not work, then it might be an actual web compatibility issue. Official brave team may be able to help.

yeah i have cleared cache and cookies. it’s not working. waiting for brave team’s response.

I have the same problem, but only for some sites: No pictures loaded - actually a few small pictures loaded. Cache cleared - no difference. Another issue: Drop-down menus are permanently ‘dropped-down’ - should be only on hover.

Could it be Medium server was down?

Is it still an issue? and which method is being used to login? (See Email, Google and Facebook)

No. I have checked that. Works fine on other browsers.

Tried both Google and Twitter login methods. Neither worked out.

Which adblock lists are you using? @evano (in uBO or brave://adblock). I’m seeing breakage in IDCAC list, would recommend to disable.

actually all the boxes are unchecked in the list provided by the brave://adblock.

or IDCAC chrome extension. either way I had no issues when I had IDCAC disabled. Try in private window mode.

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