Can't log into

New Brave user. Be gentle.
Situation: Win 10 on HP desktop
Extensions: DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials / Adobe Acrobat

When I try to log into (my account) I get this error:
“Sorry. Something went wrong. Please re-enter your user name and password to try again.”

I can log into my accounts on USPS and UPS just fine. Is there some setting I missed that might be causing this issue. I can log in just fine using Firefox.
TIA wg

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Can you re-try in private window mode, with all extensions disabled.

I turned off my only two extensions DuckDuckGo and Adobe Acrobat and used the private window and WAS ABLE TO LOG IN! Yippee… turned the extensions both back on and was able to log out and log back in using the private window and was also able to log in. Thanks for the help; issue solved

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Great to see it working,

Duckduckgo extension isn’t needed, Shields blocks enough trackers and ads that goes beyond DDG.


Thanks. Was the DDG extension that was actually gumming up my fedex login and don’t have to use the private browser. Whodathunkit?

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