Can't log into Fedex website

When I try to log into I get this error:
“Sorry. Something went wrong. Please re-enter your user name and password to try again.”
Works fine with all other browsers. Updated Win10. Tried in private windows with no extensions, no luck.

Hello @detek

could you try while shield is off click on the lion icon next to the address bar then turn it off and see if it work or not

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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That did it, thank you!

Have a great one.

Note that its likely only one of the protections in the Shields panel that’s causing the conflict (I wager its cookies). If you’d like to keep Shields up on the site, you can turn them on, open the advanced view and change the cookie setting to Allow all...


Just tested this, created a login (new user/pass) and then logged in without issue. I would confirm the user/pass.

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