Problem signing into Informed Delivery® by USPS®

I am trying to log into Informed Delivery® by USPS®

It fails to log in, it just comes back to the login page. I have tried clearing browsing data and cookies and that did not help. It works OK on Chrome.

How do I fix this?



I am using Shields v1. Screenshot of the site-specific Shields (Lion icon) panel, shows JavaScripts that you might consider, to select and Allow:

Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 4.28.52 PM

You probably need to Allow:


I am uncertain about:


If you want to use Shields v1:

In a Brave Browser - New Window, go to: brave://flags

Search for: Enable Brave Shields

  • DISABLE: Enable Brave Shields v2
  • ENABLE: Enable Brave Shields v1

Also, when you visit the website, right-click on the padlock icon located off the left end of the URL address field.

Scroll down in the resulting menu and Allow: JavaScript

Before trying @289wk’s suggestion, you might try simply turning Shields off for the site entirely and isolate whether or not Shields is having any effect on the behavior at all.

I regularly use USPS Informed Delivery, and have no trouble signing in with default shields settings (block trackers & ads, block fingerprinting and block cross-site cookies.)

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