Can't log into bank with BankID (norwegian safety program to operate the Bank-system)

Description of the issue: Unable to log into my bank with BankID but it fails

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): I try to log into my bank, using a 3rd party app supplied by our government (bankID) but it fails every time

Actual Result: fails to log in

Expected result: Be able to log in

Reproduces how often: every time

**Operating System and Brave Version: Win11 - Version 1.58.135 **

Additional Information:
Related issue: Can't log into BankID (norwegian safety program to operate the Bank-system

But this option is no longer available when clicking the shield

My view

Old view

@Holm the views you are showing are your settings for only and not for your bank. The settings you change on that widget is only for the website you are visiting. It does not change settings for all sites. So it will be important to make sure your bank settings are like what you’re showing.

In what you show old view, you are blocking all cookies. If you have this setting enabled for all sites and have not changed it individually for your bank site, this would explain it.

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