Can't log in on nytimes with Brave shields up

I was about to report this issue, but discovered the solution so I thought I’d post the solution in case others search for it, since searches show it has been reported multiple times in the past:

After I log in to with my paid subscriber login, with Brave Shields up, it is as if I have not logged in.

It turned out that for some reason I had the following non-default setting (in the advanced view when I clicked on the lion icon by the URL):

Cookies Blocked

instead of the default which is

Cross-site cookies Blocked.

After I changed to the default above, all my login woes were strong, good looking, above average, woes begone.

I have no idea how this got changed since I never change that setting, but I’ll chalk it up to natural mellowing agents.

Non-default shield setting changes can cause issues (cookies and fingerprinting) are the main culprits. But I rechecked my nytimes sub, everything seems fine so far.

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