NT Times login problems


I noticed that over the last several months there have been multiple posts about login problems on nytimes.com. Like others that posted before me, I have a nytimes.com subscription, yet the page will not load properly–you see it for a few seconds, and then it goes blank. There is nothing new that I can report that hasn’t already been mentioned.

I am a little surprised that the problem continues to linger considering it was first reported over 5 months ago. I am using…

Version 1.1.21 Chromium: 79.0.3945.79 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Should I be using something else?


Can you visit nytimes.com and, after the page goes “blank/white”, open the developer tools console window, and share a screenshot of any output you see? You can find dev tools by navigating to Menu --> More tools --> Developer tools --> [Console]. Should see something like this:

Also have a NY Times subscription here, I’ve logged out and logged in a few times (as a test). When do you see the blank page?

Sure, here you go…

Does that help?


What happens when you try to access nyt on a private browser?

Brave is the only browser (of the ones that I use) that does not work with nytimes.com. I also use Chrome, Edge, Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Vivaldi. In general, Brave has become my go-to browser, with Vivaldi and Chrome more-or-less tied for second…

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yeah… but does it work in a private window? I’m on brave on windows right now and I’m having 0 issues with it logged in, reading articles etc… So if it works in a private window, then it’s not brave itself… could be naughty extension, persistent data, or even nyt paywall if not logged etc…


Can you confirm what @megaspaz is asking?

Okay, I just tried to load the page via a private window and the outcome was the same. I see the page briefly, and then it goes blank.

My OS is…

December 10, 2019—KB4530717 (OS Build 17134.1184)

Applies to: Windows 10, version 1803

I assume you are testing the page on your end with a NY Times account, to interact with the paywall, etc.?

Is there anything else I can provide or look into on my end?


This may be a red herring, but it seems like all content disappears as soon as the stock and (my local) weather data is updated in the top-right of the page. Just an observation…

hmmm… Have you tried turning off hardware acceleration? Just a last ditch suggestion… I’m at a loss…

Does changing any Shields settings help? @kehliah (not sure if this was asked)

Yeah, I tried shields up/down. Same result.

I think it might be a javascript issue with the paywall. If I activate the setting to allow scripts to be run once, the page does not go blank. But I am not logged in with my account. When I do try to login, I never get an opportunity to populate the password field–it’s like Brave is trying to auto-populate the field, but cannot. I am then kicked back to the main page, effectively as a guest. So, getting closer here, but not quite over the finish line…

Would it be possible for you to share a short screen recording of this issue as you see it on your end? Seeing the exact behavior would help in diagnosing.

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Sure, I can try. Any particular recording utilities that you would recommend? (I have not done a screen recording before.)

Could use https://www.screentogif.com/ I use this regularly.

Hii Ihave been facing the same issue plaese help anyone?

Hii Ihave been facing the same issue pleaseeese help anyone?

please helppp me as well thnk you very much!!

What issue are you exactly having?