Can't link Gemini to rewards

Hello, I would like to link Gemini to my Brave Rewards account in order to transfer my BAT.

I did it the right way by following this link explaining it: [] .

Except that when I try to connect, I get an error message that keeps appearing and I can’t change anything. I already tried to connect/disconnect nothing changes…

The error message is as follows: Your request is still being processed please wait, sorry there has been a problem processing you request, try again

I’ve also seen another post (that one: Gemini Account LInk - #3 by jacunda) that could help me but I’m not exactly in that situation.

Indeed, me, I am able to see my money in my wallet at this following link : brave://rewards-internals and it is not written “Wallet not created”, I can see that I have 2 BAT, so I don’t want to loose them by resetting my Reward wallet.

Thank you very much if you can help me :wink:

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Yup, same issue here. Seems like we are not the only ones. Quite frustrating.

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Hello Community I’ve been having the same issue for the past 3 days been trying to verify my wallet with Gemini first the message said waiting for id confirmation. I got it and now I keep getting {Your request is still being processed please wait, sorry there has been a problem processing your request, try again.} And since that day I haven’t been receiving any ads and I have 12k BAT I want to transfer them to Gemini. Did anybody solve this issue yet?? Any help would be appreciated. If not than I think brave is scamming us or its dead.

They wrote this on reddit: “Just wanted to notify everybody that verifying your wallet with Gemini is currently down for maintenance, so you may see an error when trying to verify your Brave Rewards with Gemini. We aim to have it back up as soon as possible in the coming day(s)!”


I hope it is linked to that. Because I tried earlier in the afternoon before they wrote that message. Thank you for the information

do you have a link ??? much appreciated.

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thank you very much!

I hope that this is something that is resolved soon. Almost a week later, and I’m still unable to reverify my Gemini Wallet with Brave.

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