Can't get rid of Win7 warning

@talgeeze what do you mean ? what is false ? sorry i dont understand what you’re claiming to be false.

All four have AV integration, all four are dropping Windows 7/8.1 support, both Brave and Firefox offer VPN functionality on mobile.

scratches chin interesting thread and as I will only use windows 7 as well… “What are the system requirements to install Brave?”
It clearly states windows 7 is all good to go…yes ?

For now.

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what changed so radically that support has to end?

It’s not a drastic or sudden change. Microsoft announced three years ago that they would be stopping support for Windows 7. They did give people three years extended coverage, but that ends January 10. And all browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, Brave, Edge, etc will be no longer able to support it when that happens. Some may extend support longer, like Firefox has been considering extending until maybe August or so, but we shall see.

I know that MS is ending their support of Win7 and 8. What are the changes made to the operating system that requires dropping support? Is this because Chrome is dropping the support aswell?

edit: extra thought: would it be impossible to change the operating system flag in the source code to ignore earlier versions of windows without breaking internet browsing?

  1. There are no actual changes made to W7/W8/W8.1. Microsoft just stops making critical security updates for these OSes. Any computer running any of these OSes will keep running after 01/14/23.
  2. Google removes OS-specific code from Chrome, which renders v110+ unable to run on these OSes. It’s solely Google’s choice to drop support, as Mozilla decided to extend it until next Summer.

If you had sufficient funds and manpower, you could backport code to newer versions of Chrome. But this would become increasingly difficult over time, for little to no gain.

but it already runs on windows 10/11. regardless of what google does, why not keep even the old code for win7/8?

edit: i’m still not told the functional reason that brave cannot run on any OS other than 10/11

Google made the decision to remove code allowing Chrome to run on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 in February. Any Chrome-based browser (Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave) will therefor loose compatibility.
As I have said above, Chrome will no longer have the pieces of code required to run on versions other than W10/W11. Brave (along with the other Chrome forks) decided it was not worth it to maintain compatibility for dying OSes.

If there is no change in windows API then why not just keep the old code?

edit: adding to that, i would be required to purchase new components. so the leftovers are what’s called “e-waste” , correct?

you Misunderstood what i was illustrating

i Wasn’t talking about the “Current version of brave browser” supporting the “End of life products” Such as Windows 7 and Powerful Windows 8.1…

if you read the other threads around here which im hoping you would,

you can easily understand how i was talking about Brave Software Inc. starting Custom OS projects which is based on Windows 11…

What are some custom OS examples ? m

There might be few other custom OSes which i might be missing but these three should be good enough to serve as examples to understand what im talking about…

These OSes also need improvement as they dont fully accomplish the looks of windows 8.1 and 7, Specifically the taskbar icons on the bottom right

See its beautiful and colorful on the bottom, i really like the “safe to remove hardware” or otherwise known as “Safe eject hardware” option’s icon… on windows 11 stock variant, it looks meh with no colors on it… Not specifically this icon but almost all of the icons are turned white which i believe Microsoft is hard at work to replicate computer version of android…

Using Windows 11 as it is will feel like im using an android OS made for computers which i dont want… i want pure Windows OS experience just as how it has been on Windows 7 and 8.1. I personally strongly believe the rise of android and ios and touchscreen devices based experience first prioritization absolutely destroyed the uniqueness of Windows Experience.

So instead of Brave trying to convince the audience of Windows 7/8.1 from leaving their beloved OS, if they put meaningful effort on creating Windows 11 custom OS which includes massive theming options, excellent icons customizations, lowest possible windows processes count, removing all kinds of pre-installed apps as someone possibly could and regain the feels of windows 7 and 8.1, people will happily upgrade their OS to Windows 11.

Currently, Im using ROG G750JX which i purchased in 2013 that came with win 8 pro preinstalled, I love this laptop so much as much as i love Win 8.1 now, Even for the sake of argument, if we ignore win 8.1 as Win 11 would be an improvement to Win 8.1, but think about leaving your favorite laptop for Win 11 ? Do i really believe the UI + icons of win 11 and added bloatwares, constant 100+ windows processes running in the background worth upgrading ? the answer is always no, so unless someone like brave can convince me with windows 11 based custom OS which also regains the performance and looks of win 7/8.1 (Excellent theme customizations and icon customizations tools integrated into the OS), its going to be a tough choice.

and coming to your antivirus argument, All of the browsers such as Brave, Firefox, chrome has basic level of protection from protecting the users to avoid malwares from being downloaded into their machines but they dont necessarily protect the users computer if the users lands a malware .exe file downloaded(via torrent source) and executes it, mostly a cracked version of software, then there is a risk because i dont see independent antivirus coming from Firefox, brave or chrome to serve as secondary layer of protection.

Speaking about Microsoft’s Edge and windows 11 experience which has windows defender, these two are separate apps, while i was talking about integration, i was referring to “one unified user interface and control” where “controlling the antivirus scans and interactions with it takes place inside the browser app itself” and not moving to a separate app or page for controlling the antivirus actions… For example, if i think and feel like i need to manually the virus definitions, i should be able to update directly on the browser itself

Currently, if i need to update definitions of windows defender, i need to go to the app and click the “update definitions” button but what i see as improvement would be integrating these controls directly onto the browser itself, imagine a new update definition button icon is placed near the brave shields icon, so while i click this button, the browser will also behave like an antivirus and performs the same actions as an antivirus software generally would and update the definitions… also if an users executes an .exe file which got away through brave browser as it came through torrent source, the new upgraded brave browser which is now under Brave OS where brave antivirus replaced windows defender and have full control over the system will block the .exe file from executing and sends the notifications via brave browser instead of a separate antivirus app…this is what i was talking about integration…

and while brave focuses on creating custom OSes and shifting away from chromium, you have an idea ? you can execute it! you dont need to wait around for someone to co operate with you and your ideas/actions. Brave just needs to facilitate a way for Microsoft to get their license fee for each installation as Windows product belongs to Microsoft, where the way to achieve this is by opening a purchase page for brave OS keys and brave sends the activation keys which they acquired from Microsoft to the purchased user’s email address…

Scenario which should be set is, People can download Brave OS for free but they need to activate the os using a key to use it, so by activation, Microsoft will get their fee for the product and now it’s upto brave team to decide how much should they charge for themes, customizations, fancy icons, fancy taskbars, System integrated VPN where the entire system VPN connection can be controlled via the browser itself and not as a separate app…

one of the worst things about Windows and Nvidia is that picture and display controls, Good example is that i want to save different profiles such as Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Saturation…etc

Similar to how TVs have Natural, movie, Dynamic and Standard… But with windows, you can only save one profile at a time and if you need to adjust the colors temporarily and reducing the brightness, you cant adjust it with ease by just switching to another profile, you need to always tweak this existing one profile all the time whenever you want it… Brave OS can address this issue and give extraordinary display and picture control over the machine.

Chromium rave as said feels like Unreal engine, Capcom might used it before but they have moved to RE engine and games which are made on it is still high quality just as those games built on unreal engine. So for Brave OS, Brave should install the Chromium based brave browser by default and encourage users to use it until the new brave browser made using brave’s own Blazekit engine development gets fully finished within the next 5 years.
Brave thinks for now, but im seeing 5 years from now where brave can also they have something independent as RE Engine.

Similar to brave nightly, brave should also provide installation for the brave alpha variant where people can join the development journey with brave team and seeing it succeed becoming a contender for chromium and Firefox. Hopefully, Brave chooses the path to Inspire others and not just make money. Anyone can make money but it’s hard to inspire. As someone with no coding knowledge and good enough general knowledge, i can say creating an complete alternative for windows is too hard, almost close to impossible for performing almost everything windows now currently can, But alternatives to chromium can be done in a period of 5 years if someone really wanted it. Thanks for understanding.

Brave is already understaffed for what they are currently trying to do, they don’t have resources for that.

But i think only a new OS from scratch takes a much longer time, creating Custom OS based on win 11 can be done sooner in 3 to 6 months as Custom OS like this are done by a very small group of people.

see the start menu aswell

Hmm, maybe you and everyone else not happy about Windows 7 and 8 ending can get together and make a Custom OS then. Perhaps putting your collective minds together, you might even be able to add the Charms capability and all that some were saying they missed. Even adjust the Start menu to have more options, such as to appear as if Windows 7 or 8.

Or, you know, maybe see if people like the group that made the Custom OS could help design something. Might be pretty neat to see.

In fact, if theirs works and you like it, is there a reason why you wouldn’t want to use it?

And yeah, like you said, you can find guides for it. Like at

Alright, the point of requesting a custom OS is because im curious to see what brave software Inc could come up something as “NEW” as i really like the unique design looks of brave browser and also the brave rewards ui even though i dont use that as its not supported in India.

If people can always supply me alternatives which im already aware of then i could just go on with my life with those but the point is, i like brave browser and the company’s theme for privacy in mind and going hard on privacy protecting internet browser fight feels good to see and being part of it.

however, i just thought this company’s DNA shouldn’t be limited just to browsers but to see it expand, evolve and improve it’s versatility a whole lot… As you might be aware, if people wants to no longer be part of Microsoft, then they mostly have only Linux for PC. So focusing on establishing Brave OS will also serve as an greater advertising/alternative which comes from well known company which offers almost all of the features, functions same as win 11 (as the brave OS will be based on Win 11).

These are some reference from the above shown ReviOS and phoenix lite OS

With Indie based custom OS projects like the above shown references, while its too damn impressive, we can’t really predict on how longer it will be supported as the team behind it can announce it retirement anytime where once it got retired, we need to go back to stock version of Microsoft again(The problem which i see is that, i dont want to love something and someone taking away something from me which i love really depresses me as this is already happening with win 8.1) But if well established companies like brave were behind any custom OS based projects or even better, if they make one themselves, it will give the confidence to use it without hesitation, as the company won’t be going anywhere and continue to thrive in future.

Brave might not have enough manpower at the moment, but hopefully they have enough funds to offer jobs for these smart minds behind these custom OSes… Some of these OSes are done by less than 30 people,not sure though. So by hiring this people, brave will not only succeed in creating fully secured private internet browser but also in fully private operating system.

it would be simple to criticize me or offer excuse by supplying alternatives but doing both of these won’t help a company to expand or evolve. if it was only about me, then i could go and install these custom OSes and happily enjoy my life BUT its about the curiosity to see what Brave can offer and the feeling of love to see a company which you love evolve and reaching new level of heights, that’s the reason why we join a community and make efforts to create posts, Thanks.

@scavxo Yeah, you have some interesting thoughts and a neat perspective. I also appreciate how you’re not getting angry and just accusing. Instead just trying to think of solutions and making suggestions. I know I’ll definitely be passing on ideas. However, there’s also a lot that I’m going to have to learn, such as legalities and all. Plus in having a project like that, they have to make money. I know people can do ISO and all, but not sure about having businesses distribute them or try to monetize part or all.

Of course, you know there are licenses/copyrights to things. I’m not going to even begin to be knowledgeable on it at all, but just kind of building on assumptions of how things work in general. If they were to do their own OS, I’m guessing they’d kind of have to start from scratch. It will be curious to see what people from Brave say, if they give feedback on it.

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While Brave OS can be set for free of charge and Microsoft get 100% money as the product is fully their property and brave software Inc is only an intermediary, Brave should care less about making an profit using Brave OS and focus higher on establishing a MUCH Stronger Ecosystem and strenghtening it, namingly Brave’s ecosystem.

while there will be no benefit(profits as you say) in creating Brave OS, it will greatly helpful in setting up a Stronger base/foundation for the other profitable softwares which brave could work on and cherish, For example, Brave Antivirus, Brave VPN, Brave talk, Brave Firewall, Brave themes, Brave wallet, Brave search, Brave Shields and so on… All of this will feel really good if everything is behind Brave OS instead of being on Stock windows.

Most importantly, this will boost company’s image, respect and reputation.

@scavxo I linked to this topic and asked Brendan Eich his thoughts. His reply:

Feel free to jump in over there. I wouldn’t go spam heavy, but if you can think of solutions to what he’s mentioning, might be worth jumping in. Keep in mind though, they are business first and foremost. Profit is always going to be necessary. At the very least, they can’t spend more on something than is going to be returned to them in some form or fashion.

You do see though, it’s about building up to the money to fund it. He isn’t saying no, just saying “maybe not right now.” Especially with how crypto world has kind of lost a lot of value over the past year or so with FTX, Crypto Winter, and the other little issues plaguing things.

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