Windows 7 annoying top bar pop up

Thanks alot guys for the annoying warning on the windows 7 version that pops up everytime i open the browser.
Having no way to turn this off doesnt make me want to upgrade to windows 10 it will very likely make me change browser.
You shot yourself in the foot brave.
And just for the record windows 7 is still receiving security updates as of may 2023.i use it because its less intrusive.
If anyone has a permanent fix to remove this it would be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

A quick search of brave | Community (use the magnifying-glass-search-icon at the top of this page) will offer you answers. You may find some of the answers to be helpful. This furrow has been well-plowed. What’s key and immutable: Chromium no longer supports Windows 7; and Brave is built on Chromium.

Continued use of earlier versions of Windows: some while back, I set up both my desktop and a few portable computers I also use to dual-boot both windows 7 and a version of linux I found to be appropriate to my hardware and usage. I find this alternative satisfies both the requirements of some websites (e.g.: banks) for up-to-date browsers and my desire to continue to have access to older data … and the older apps that access that data.

Continuing to receive Microsoft security updates: perhaps it would be prudent for you to inform yourself about how that applies … and doesn’t apply … to older versions of Windows.

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