Windows 7 no longer supported notification - how to remove it?

Is there a way to turn off this notification? - I use Windows 7 and will never “upgrade” to Windows 10, so I want to get rid of this notification. I don’t care about support.


Hello @FROT, thank you for reaching us out. Brave doesn’t have an option to disable it. This is something that appears in all Chromium base browsers. Brave will no longer be working for those devices. Well, the best way would be to actually use a version of Windows that will be supported and have recent security patches. There are many people talking about this and even shared ways to get rid of the notification. Would suggest you look for it. Hope this helps. Regards.

They have removed it. Update your browser, you will not get the annonying pop-up. If it does not go away, then the next update will solve it as I cannot tell from this github issue on which version of browser they have filed it.


Thanks - by the way, It doesn’t appear in Vivaldi which is chromium based

While I’ve reached out to the team about this, I believe you’re seeing this message in error. The last update for Win 7 machines will be the update to v1.47x

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