Windows 7 Desktop Ads/Pop Up Notifications

My Windows 7 laptop stopped getting ads/pop up notificationa this month… I’m still getting new window ads. Curious if this is still a supported os. Browser is updated to most recent version when ever green update button is visible.


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Thank you.

Windows 7 reached its end of support almost two years ago and is now vulnerable to malware. You should replace it with and up to date OS, such as Win 10, Win 11 (if your hardware is compatible), or a distro of Linux.

If you decide to switch to Linux, I suggest Linux Mint (I upgraded to Mint just before Win 7 reached its end of support and love it). Just keep in mind that Linux is NOT Windows and, even though it can be tweaked to make the desktop look like Windows, it will work completely differently so there will be quite a learning curve (I feel it’s well worth the effort, though).

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