Can't connect Uphold account to rewards account

Briefly describe your issue:
Previously, I had my browser connected to Gemini for Brave Rewards. But, from cancelling the password input for Gnome Keyring three times some how that caused all of my saved passwords to be lost. Trying to recover password access I ended up rolling the browser password database back to a previous state, and lost connection to Brave Rewards in the process.

I can no longer connect to Gemini in the US. So, I need to use Uphold. I have successfully connected to Uphold on the mobile version of the browser, but so far cannot on the desktop version. What I see is the authorize page for Uphold, and I quickly get redirected to an error message.

What Operating System and Brave version are you using?
Arch Linux. Brave version: 1.67.116

Who is your verified custodian? Uphold, unless there is a means of re-enabling Gemini in the US.

Are you in a supported region? Yes.

Is anyone able to help?

Hello - Try resetting your Rewards profile if it was previously connected to Gemini.

That worked. Think I missed out on some rewards, though.