"Connect account" Loop

Briefly describe your issue: No option to connect to Uphold, clicking “connect account” opens brave://rewards/#verify, which tells you to click the triangle in the URL, which again opens brave://rewards/ (never gets to a screen to connect to custodian)

What Operating System and Brave version are you using? Android 13, Brave 1.59.124

Who is your verified custodian? Uphold (irrelevant since I can’t even get to a screen to connect to custodian)

Are you in a supported region? Yes (US) also irrelevant since I can’t begin connection to any custodian


I cleared history and cache, closed all tabs, restarted device, and relaunched Brave

I can still send contributions to creators, but am unable to even find a screen to connect to a custodian

Hey. The teams working on that and is gonna be deploying a fix fairly soon. More details at

Ok thanks for the response. My issue isn’t with Uphold however - it seems to be a browser issue. I can’t even attempt to connect to Uphold

See the Imgur link in the original post

Oh okay. Got it. I’ll tag @Evan123 to help.

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