Can't connect to uphold due to too many devices connected

It’s my first time posting here so excuse me if it’s not the right place.
A few weeks back I wanted to connect brave to uphold on my new PC and it couldn’t connect. I found out that it’s because I have too many devices connected. This isn’t possible since I disconnected my old devices before I recycled them. The only device currently connected is my android phone.
I contacted Uphold thinking it would be an issue easily resolved from their side but they assured me it was from Brave’s side and they linked me to this community page.
Can anyone tell me how I can see a list of connected devices, disconnect them and reconnect the only two I use ?
For extra context, I received my Uphold payout yesterday for my main device but I got 2 other payouts today and I don’t know which device is which.
I see that at the bottom of the payout emails there’s a link to , if the activity is not recognized. Should I just click the link?

Any help in solving this would be appreciated because I just want to connect the 2 devices i use.

use this to reset 1 device Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches

Also it does not matter unfortunately if you disconnect a device as you had mentioned. They are lifetime limits including any reformatting of PCs etc.

How do you find out how much of the lifetime limits has been used for your account?

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