maximum number of connected devices

Good Morning. I would like to ask for help with the following:
I use brave rewards and I have several machines with the browser. I think that at the moment only one machine has the Uphold account verified because on the others it shows me the message that I have reached the maximum number of connected devices.
Perhaps this maximum number refers to some devices that are no longer active.
I ask then if it would be possible to “clean” the connection of all my devices that I have connected and I reconnect those that I currently use.

Thank you very much in advance for all your attention.

Just in case you haven’t found an answer…

I have 3 devices but still it says maximum devices reached. Please help me

Actually its not device limit, its connection limit. You may fill your limit with one device by connecting it 4 times.

I don’t understand please make me clear…

Finally, something on this topic. I think it is kind of crazy to attract people to your application with promises about cryptocurrencies. True that it’s privacy promotion is also attractive.

But if the one is unmanagable and stops working at some point, degrades at best…what is going on with the other? Looking at Brave’s search result I feel like I’m in clown’s-world in this browser. And in clown’s world you just know you are being fooled.

So. What is going on? What is it you cannot manage? Are you sure everything like our privacy is still under control? Or is that too depending on how often we change devices?

Please let us know if your browser works completely as you promise on four devices, or if we have to keep in mind that our use may break your technical capabilities?

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