Can't log in to uphold account to start earning

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  1. Use a new phone and download brave app
  2. Cant verify account even though I already have an uphold account elsewhere

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I have an verified uphold account connected to my brave browser on my laptop and when I wanted to connect my uphold account to my phone browser I couldn’t find a way to do so without 25 BAT

Hi, @Elvistan, while you can link up to 4 wallets to your Uphold account, they do not sync, they are individual. Currently, there is a minimum requirement of 25 BAT on Android before you can link it to your Uphold. Support has said they have plans to change this, but for now, it is what it is. You should also be aware that currently there is a permanent 4 wallets/ devices limit with Brave-Uphold - keep this in mind when/ if you upgrade devices, reinstall, or do any reformatting.

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