Cannot search on iPad

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Description of the issue:
Brave for iPad quits immediately when I try to search something.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open Brave on iPad
  2. Search for anything
  3. It returns to desktop

Expected result:
Provide a search result

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Just downloaded today.

Mobile Device details
iPad Air 4

Additional Information:
Screen recording:


Possibly you are entering your search criteria into the URL address field of the Brave Browser (for iOS) on your iPad?

Instead, as a test, try using:

and entering your search criteria in the traditional search engine entry field of the search engine web page.

Thanks for the reply!
It does seem to be a solution but it still returns to desktop…I mean, it returns to desktop for all URLs and search criterias.

Try again - I bungled the link; duh. You should see:

Thanks for your help but it just does not work for all URLs…
More like a software bug than how to use it.

@ze7 I just was looking through old help articles on Apple, Google, and other sites. There have been similar issues with them in the past and it seems 90% of them said the solution is just to force close the app (Brave, which should still be running in the background even though it snaps to your “desktop”) and/or simply turn off your iPad and turn it back on a couple minutes later.

Have you been through those steps already and still have the same issue?

Thanks for the reply but the problem remained. It’s always chancy when using the normal methods we use (such as restarting). The thing is that it successfully generates a URL when searching but snaps to desktop halfway so it’s more likely to be a bug being triggered anytime a URL is inputed.

@fanboynz I think I saw you online not long ago. You still around and able to provide any insight here?

I only have an iphone with me, searching on which search engine? if I search from the address bar just opened a new tab here. Maybe change the search engine and then restart the browser?

Does searching in private window mode do anything?

What iOS version do you use?

If it’s 14.2 or lower then we it will crash for you unfortunately, we are working on a hotfix.
It affects older iOS versions only, as a workaround you can update your iOS device to a newer iOS 14 build

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Oh it’s 14.1. Finally we found the issue.
Thanks for your help!

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Hi all, this should be fixed now in build 1.35.1, it’s live on App Store but you might need to go to the Brave app in app store manually in order to update it, it’s a staged rollout

Yay it works! Thank you so much!

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