Find in Page on iOS Not Working


When trying to use “find in page” on iOS, the “find” prompt and keyboard immediately close upon trying to tap one of the up/down arrows for next or previous match.

Restarting the phone and reinstalling the app have not helped.

iPhone 13
iOS 16.5
Brave ver. 1.51.2 (

@ej222 I use an iPhone 13 Pro Max and haven’t had issues. I even just pulled it up and used on many sites. The Find in Page option opens with no issue and I’m able to type in what I want. Then I’m either able to hit the arrows up and down to sort through them on the page or I can hit Search which will close the keyboard but leaves the arrows for me to hit up and down to cycle through the list.

This makes it seem like it’s something device specific on your device or settings. I’m also on 16.5, though I see they did release 16.5.1 so I’m about to update to that.

We were able to reproduce last week. I will let you know when the issue is fixed

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Same here, especially with my iPad and keyboard

Pressing command + F shows the find in page and instantly closes it

Moving the curser instantly closes it

Tying the use the arrows instantly closes it

Everything you literally do instantly closes it

Experienced with these issues?

At least devs were able to replicate. Though it leaves me with a question of why I don’t have the issue on my iPhone, as essentially was the same exact setup of OP, except mine was Pro vs theirs normal.

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Yeah it’s weird, we are not reproducing it consistently either

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I have a fix for it. Will try to include it in 1.52 but no promises, worst case it lands in 1.53 mid July


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