Go back to search result page doesn’t work

After selecting a result from the search results page, once you have visited the site, if you press the back button, the results page will no longer be displayed.

Brave Version 1.33 (

iOS 15.2


Same thing for me. When using brave search and clicking on any result. The back button or left to right swipe does not work and will keep you in the same page


Same here! :point_up:
And it’s not just the Brave Browser, happens for me in Safari as well (ios 15.2)


Same issue. Be interested to know if there is a fix.


Same here. Happens while using Brave, Safari, and Firefox—on my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook some with VPN, some without.

Thank you all for reporting.
I’m not able to reproduce this issue when using iOS 14.6 so this may be specific to iOS v15+. I’m going to update my iPad to v15.2 and test again and see if I can reproduce. In the meantime, I’ve reached out to our Search team for more information.

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So when testing on iOS 15.2, I’m actually seeing a slightly different issue where I’m being prompted to complete a captcha after tapping the “back” button. Sometimes this captcha can take a long time to appear, giving the impression that the “back” button simply didn’t work.

Can anyone here test and confirm whether or not they get the same behavior?


YES! That’s what happens to me if I’m patient on desktop Safari (macOS Catalina (my MacBook is old) and iPadOS 15.2). I don’t think iPadOS Firefox likes to load it, and I’ve never seen it on my iPhone. Even after successfully completing the CAPTCHA, it still asks for it every time after.

EDIT: Initially I thought it was because of the weird workarounds I used to make Brave Search my default in Firefox Focus (custom search engine) and Safari (xSearch), but the problem persists in the Brave Browser on my iPhone. I’ll check Firefox on my MacBook too see if it’s an issue with WebKit on iPhones/iPads/Safari and update shortly.

EDIT2: Problem does NOT persist on macOS Firefox 95.0.2. This suggests the issue is isolated to WebKit/Safari on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.
I experience the issue consistently in:

  • Safari 15.2 on macOS Catalina 10.15.7
  • Safari, Firefox, Firefox Focus (updated to latest) on iPadOS 15.2
  • Safari, Firefox, Firefox Focus, Brave Browser (updated to latest) on iOS 15.2

EDIT3: sorry for all the edits. I have Surfshark VPN and iCloud Private Relay on my iPadOS and iOS devices—turning them on/off does not affect the issue. Neither are enabled on my MacBook.

No worries – appreciate the additional detail and information. We’ve opened an internal issue for this and I’ll be passing on this information to the Search devs for review.


This is happening to me on ios 15.1 since the latest brave update. I upgraded to 15.2 and it is still doing it.

The issue I have had is on iOS and not the desktop version of Brave. Currently running iOS 15.2 and Brave Version 1.33 (

Once Captcha appears, the browser gets stuck and I have to exit the tab.

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Is there an update on this?? Really annoying.

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Hoping its gonna be fixed soon. Won’t be using the search until it is.

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Still not working (getting captcha). IPADOS 15.2. I’ve resorted to using safari for searches. Sigh
ETA on when this fix will be implemented?

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Why is the Brave team not responding?

Still happening I’m on iOS 15.3 on iPhone. I am not able to make it happen on my iPad. Now when using the back button the app is crashing.

There a work around after hitting back you can tap the url/search bar and your last search shows then you hit the go button.

This loading time is way faster for you then when I do it. And this problem is becoming worse. For most people having this issue they are no longer using brave search.

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Found another work around.

Open brave search settings on search page (gear icon) - then toggle open links in new tab.