Cannot log into Uphold from Brave Rewards on Android

Description of the issue:

as the title says, the login always fails, just sends me to Brave Rewards page with unverified wallet and if i try to tap on verify
wallet from there the browser crashes. I tried to allow all cookies, disable shields and i tried to log in into a web page before try to verify wallet with no success. Any ideas? Maybe does this because I removed and reinstalled brave once on pc and once on another smartphone and Uphold thinks I’ve already connected 4 devices? But, in that case, shouldn’t display a message saying that?

Steps to Reproduce:

1.Tap on verify wallet
2.insert Uphold log in credentials
3.get wallet verified

Actual Result

nothing happens, just brave crashing if I tap again on verify wallet after inserting credentials.

Expected result:

get wallet verified.

Reproduces how often:


Brave Version:

all updates installed.

Android/iOS Model:

Android 8

Update: tried to disconnect brave browser from uphold and then reconnecting again, but the device won’t connect anyway.

looking into brave rewards internals looks like a devices limit problem, i’ve done a wallet unlinking request but after a week still no answer, I hope it will be processed soon.

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