Cannot Log In to Gmail

Hello, i have browsed the community looking for others with the same issue, but it seems most of them were solved with some sort of update.

However, I still cannot access my gmail account through the Brave web browser. I am getting the ‘cookie mismatch’ error. I have messed with settings over and over again trying to get it to work.

The strangest thing is, I have Brave on my work PC as well, and have no problem accessing Gmail. But on my PC here at home, i am still having this issue.

I will upload a print screen below, with the error message and some of the settings. Can you please help?

clear all cookie and site data from beginning of time


That worked, thank you!

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I just installed the latest version of Brave, which I have never used. I cleared the few accrued privacy things, set all shields to down, and did everything I can think of. I can log onto Blogger, photos, drive and YouTube, but not gmail or calendar. I continue to get that same cookies problem screen posted above.

I hope someone has a new suggestion.

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